• Full service product design and development
Industrial Design, concept development, ideation, innovation, design research
Mechanical Design and Engineering, mechanism design, Research and Development (R&D), proof-of-concept models
User Interface Design, visual design and workflow

Rapid Prototyping, In-house 3D printing capability, models, prototypes, pilot production
• Mockups, volume studies, foam models, appearance and functional models

• Human Factors, Ergonomics, usability studies
• 3D CAD development using Solidworks, expert surfaces native in Solidworks

Injection molded part design, cast and formed plastics. Single-use disposables expertise.
• Sheetmetal, metal forming, casting and machined part design
• Photorealistic product images and animation
• Electrical Engineering, System Engineering, Software, Product Architecture, Electro-Mechanical Systems

• Mechanical analysis, simulations, calculations
• Bill of Materials (BOM)

• Dfx, Design for manufacturing, assembly, cost estimates, tooling, cost reduction

• Detailed part drawings for manufacturing, GD&T, specifications, color, material and finish (CMF)

• Vendor liaison and sourcing of domestic and overseas suppliers
• Human Factors, ergonomics, analyses, clinical research
Innovation, Patent and IP development, IP research
• Branding, design language development, corporate identity, graphic design, product graphics and labeling

Instructions for Use (IFU) for medical devices, packaging design and graphics
• Trade show booth design and fabrication, technical displays, graphics

• Over 30 years of experience

EnVision your Product with EnMasse Design. Medical, BioTech, Equipment, Telecom, Instrumenation, Consumer, IoT, Wearables.

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