Founded in 2002, EnMasse Design is an award winning (Good Design® and Medical Design Excellence Award) design studio specializing in industrial design, product development and user interface design. We have experience in designing a range of products from small hand held devices to large systems and vehicles. Our specialty is medical devices but we also work in the scientific, biotech, consumer, industrial and defense industries.


Our areas of expertise include conceptual development, industrial design, user interface design, mechanical design and engineering, manufacturing and graphic design. Our typical clients are startups, small and mid-cap companies where we engage a design process that utilizes observation, innovative thinking and analysis. We have in-depth understanding for balancing design, engineering, manufacturing and technology.


Our founder, Jeff Gamelsky received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from San Jose State University. He also attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and Rhode Island School of Design before entering studies at SJSU.


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What is EnMasse ?


The French word's literal meaning:

en masse: In one group or body; all together

As it relates to design, the significance takes on multiple forms.

The collaboration formed as a group can be powerful as in synergy where the sum is greater than the individual parts.

Each individual adds a unique element to the collective.

For the discipline of industrial design it represents the building of products for mass production.

Our logo embodies all of these attributes - from the individual human elements to the collective which forms beauty in a flowering graphic.